Your home ages just like everything else. Keeping up with its maintenance and repairs is not only smart investing, but good living. Whether you are looking to sell your home now or in the future, caring for and maintaining your home is the best way to ensure a successful sale. 

There are two categories of home renovations that can really pay off. According to CNBC, this includes increasing curb appeal and making sure your roof, plumbing, and flooring are in good condition. These are fixes that appeal to buyers across the board and are more likely to have a profound impact on resale value. 


Home buyers are more immediately concerned that everything in the house functions properly and will not cost them an arm and a leg upon moving in. The good news is that much of the maintenance and upkeep can be done on your own.

Roof Repairs. A bad roof is one of those very expensive problems no home buyer wants to deal with. So it’s important to check for leaks regularly and keep your roof in good shape. Always keep an eye out for signs of moisture inside your home because this can be a good indicator of leaks. You can fix small leaks yourself; this may entail replacing old shingles or fixing venting. Check out this article from Redfin about when you should repair your roof.

Plumbing. Keeping your pipes healthy is a good step to giving a potential buyer some peace of mind. Always check your pipes for leaks and prevent burst pipes by using proper insulation and replacing when damaged. If you need to replace pipes, make sure to call a professional to complete the job. 

Aesthetics and Functionality 

Paint. Repainting the interior or exterior of your home is not only a common DIY project, but it can be done at a relatively low cost. By refreshing a room’s colors or adding some wallpaper, you can transform a room and enhance its appeal. 

Flooring. Nothing says “home” like a well-cared-for and stylish floor.  Renovating your floors or replacing carpets with wood flooring can add some much needed-charm to a home ready to go on the market. 

Kitchen. According to the DIY Network, kitchens are king, and you are likely to see a high return from upgrading your kitchen. You can go from simple DIY renovations like painting cabinets and replacing appliances, to more lucrative renovations like new countertops and flooring. 

Bathroom. After kitchens, bathroom remodels are more likely to return 100 percent of the investment. Consider changing the tile, installing a new sink, or replacing the shower head or light fixtures. 

Making It Stand Out

According to HGTV, there are plenty of simple DIY projects that can add a unique touch to your home without breaking the bank. This can include fixing up the front door and entrance by painting and designing a welcoming space. Add a little landscaping for aesthetics. Also, rejuvenate the front lawn by adding trees, flowers, and stone paths. 

The Price Is Right 

Now it’s time to figure out the value of your home so you can price it correctly. This is an important part of the process. As The Balance reports, overpricing your home can be detrimental to a smooth sale. You want to conduct some research and learn about the prices of similar houses in your neighborhood. Observe the market prices and give yourself some room to negotiate.  A few tips include:

  • Look at price ranges on similar homes in the neighborhood
  • Compare similar square footage
  • Assess desirability 

Adding value to your home is not done overnight. The better you maintain your home and more you invest in it, the easier selling will be when you’re ready. Remember that buyers want functionality first, but first impressions and aesthetics also matter. 

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