Should Your Raleigh Home Remodeling Be Done By Professionals?

You have every reason to be proud as a homeowner. In today’s economy, owning your own home is a true accomplishment. Besides, you now have a great investment for your financial future. Sure, it took a lot of money and effort to get this far, but as you look around your home, you know it’s worth it.

But as you look around, you keep seeing a few problems. Maybe you don’t like the color in a room, or perhaps a bathroom is too small for your family. Either way, you’d like to do some home remodeling. That makes sense, as it can add value to your home and make things more comfortable. But should you do that remodeling by yourself or is it better to hire a professional? Before you can decide that, you need to pick a home improvement project.

Deciding On A Project

When it comes to picking a home remodeling project, there are two factors to consider: value and utility. Value means getting a return on the investment when you eventually sell the house, whereas utility means how much use your family will get from it. That’s why the Huffington Post recommends focusing on projects that are modest and smaller.

For example, adding a skylight sounds cool — but it can be expensive and doesn’t help your family much. But what about a new electrical outlet? Finding a more convenient way to charge everyone’s phones is not just helpful but relatively inexpensive.

According to HGTV, the two rooms you should focus on are the bathroom and kitchen. Not only will improvements here add value to your home, they are two rooms that get used a lot by your family and guests. Projects here can range from small (like adding a tile backsplash) to huge (like adding an entire new bathroom), so before you decide exactly what to improve, you need to determine who is doing the work.

What You Can Do Yourself

DIY projects will save you money — unless you end up having to call in professionals to fix the problems you accidentally caused. How do you know if you should it yourself? has a great page explaining whether to go DIY or contractors. First, consider the time you’ll spend getting it done. Do you have hours or even days free to do it right? Then take an inventory of your tools and figure out how much you’ll have to spend just to get the needed equipment. Lastly, do you have the necessary skills and experience? There’s a world of difference between installing a new thermostat and running new wiring in your walls.

What home improvement projects can you do? Painting is always a quick and easy way to remodel, but you can also install new faucets, put in kitchen rollouts in lower cabinets, or add some bathroom amenities like a towel bar or a new toilet seat.

Hiring A Contractor

While there’s a lot you can do yourself to increase value and utility, there are times when hiring a contractor or other professional is the better idea. As a general rule, skip any project that involves electricity, plumbing, or gas lines. These are too risky, and having a major problem with these can create dangerous and expensive situations.

You can expect costs to be higher, of course. In the Raleigh area, upgrading electrical panels or wiring in your home can cost between $276 - $797 and take around one to two days to finish. However, the peace of mind that comes with knowing your walls are safe is priceless.

Add Value & Utility To Your Home

The right home remodeling project can make your home worth more, but it can also help your family feel more comfortable there. Focus on bathrooms and kitchens, and be honest with your own skills versus hiring a contractor. The key is to pick a project and get started!

By: Eugene Williams

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